Wednesday 18 September 2013

Midweek Papercraft Party (5)

Hello! Welcome to another papercraft challenge.

Last week's papercraft party was a little bit too quiet for my liking, so in my bid to make it a little bit more lively (that is your invitation to join in!), I'm offering two prizes this week.  One is completely random and another is open to anyone who uses Handmade Harbour digis! (Check out the freebies - there is another new one this week and using a freebie entitles you to an extra chance of winning!)

So, whatever you join in with, you have a chance of winning three digistamps of your own choice from the Handmade Harbour shop.  What would you choose?

There is also a winner's button now!
Handmade Harbour

And I will hopefully be inviting one of you back very soon to be a guest designer, too.  Yay!

Meanwhile, I want to show you what the design team have been busy with - this week's theme is...

Happy Days!

Mary's mind is obviously on Halloween...I love how this looks, with the witches in front of a full moon!

Laura is a girl after my own heart - this sewing machine digistamp looks fab with the background of pieced stitching (I'm not sure if they are fabric or paper, but they look amazing!)

Look what Lynne has made this week (below) - I must admit I had never thought of being thankful for piles of laundry (ha! and definitely not for ironing!) but maybe this card will make me think about it from another viewpoint!  I must admit this particular washing line looks really pretty with all the gorgeous colours and sparkles!  

It's a gorgeous card, whether you can bring yourself to be thankful for laundry/ironing or not!!

Val also has her mind on Halloween - this card below is just so pretty, don't you think?  I love the detail - and just look at how the witch's gown and hat seem to shine - absolutely beautifully done.

Connie has made a delightful card, combining two digis, which would be a good card for Moms/Mums everywhere!  So sweet!

I also love Connie's witches - don't you?  That wording says: there are vegetarians coming over so it's eye of newt substitute.  The wording is included in the witches and cauldron digistamp.

Another Connie has made a beautiful scrapbook page - I love the pretty girliness of this one!

Last but not least is kel's card - these cats on cushions speak of happy days to me, how about you?  Pop over to kel's blog for more.

It would be lovely to have you join in with your papercraft project this week!  The theme of happy days might be one that would fit quite a range of projects!

You don't need to use a Handmade Harbour digi to join in, but there are a couple of free digital stamps available if you'd like to try them out.  If you're playing this week...


itsamistry said...

OOOpps I was a bit late posting my link to Wendy today with my card design for the challenge so I'm leaving a link here - hope you enjoy the card I made. It's simple but I like it. Have a great day Anita

Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards by the Design Team!

Ginx Craft said...

How nice to see your link party is taking off. Can I ask you a quick question, nothing to do with papercraft. Craftsy have emailed me to ask if I would like to put Supplies or Pattern Craftlets in my sidebars. (I think it may be because I have got over 100 followers.) I initially said yes, but in my usual technophobic way I have got a bit bogged down technically. I'm sure with a bit of perseverance I will work out how to do this, but before I put in lots of effort and as I see you have them I just wondered how worthwhile you find it. Anything you can tell me would be helpful, and if you reply through my comments I won't publish it.

Helen said...

Gorgeous cards!
I've nothing to add as i've not been doing paper crafts recently but i wish you luck x

fantasy firebird said...

Whoops the first link didn't seem to work quite right it ended up with my picture as opposed to the blog with the picture! Sorry for the two entries guess it makes up for no entry from me last week lol

Wendy said...

@All: thanks for the lovely messages.

@FantasyFirebird: don't worry, these things happen! I've deleted the first link now. Thanks for linking up! x