Business Tips

This blog is slowly building up posts with useful business tips - I'll pop them on here so you've an easily accessible resource.

Top ten tips for successfully selling craft online

Staying Motivated - ten top tips 

Why your blog is the signpost to your website

Let's get organised (+ free printable planner)

Reasons to blog

Managing your time - 3 top tips

Twitter - why would anyone follow you?

Choosing a Business Name

Getting Found in Search Engines

Blogging Etiquette

How to Get Your Products in a Magazine

Making Hi-Res Images for Magazines (free software)


James Reynolds said...
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klotylda said...
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klotylda said...

In my case, the best business tip I could go for was getting a brand new erp software from anegis consulting (click here to see more: microsoft ax). So much has changed (for the better, obviously!) since then :)

Priti Gaikwad said...

Thanks for your tips.your all the tips are really effective.(you can also read my blogs related to the
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pappu said...

this is the best post i have ever seen man... many many thankss