Wednesday 7 March 2012

It's Pinteresting

There's been a lot of buzz about Pinterest lately

 image from the Vintage Apple

and as the new kid on the block, it's come in for its fair share of stick too.

The main concerns have been centred around the issue of copyright, which I think have stemmed from some seemingly clumsily-worded and ill-thought-out policy which appears to claim Pinterest owns rights to pretty much everything.  However, it does also state quite clearly that it supports copyright law.

The other copyright issue, a slightly smaller one I think (although it might feel like a massive one!) is that your images may get repinned with titles like this is easy, DIY, I'm going to make this, etc.  Of course, because Pinterest is ideally suited to being a collection of images for inspiration and ideas, some people are going to use it to copy your ideas.

But, quite frankly, people were doing that anyway.  They just weren't telling you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not supportive of copying. Much better to use other people's ideas as a springboard for developing your own.  That way we all grow and develop - and you bring new things into the world.

 image from Pleasant Home

If you choose not to use Pinterest, I think you're missing out.  But you should also know that images from your blog or website might already be on there.  You can check by going to (obviously insert your own URL).

For my part, I'm more than happy to use Pinterest (check out my pins here).  At least those who do decide to copy have a link to my own website should the copying prove too difficult and they decide to buy!  And the people looking at their pins can see where to go for more info.

Oh, and the other problem with Pinterest?  Its addictive properties.  It's way worse than cake.


Penny said...

I've read all the concerns about Pinterest but I think if you've put it 'out there' then who knows who is copying it. The only way to keep your designs, ideas etc safe is to lock them in a cupboard and throw away the key! As the images have a link back to the website they've been pinned from I think it's a great reference tool, and you can easily go back to the tutorial when you need it. I've noticed I get loads of links back to Planet Penny every day through Pinterest. Yes, and the down side is the fact it's so hard to tear yourself away!
Penny x

Wendy said...

Yes, I totally agree Penny - and how sad that people do sometimes get so possessive over their designs that the key and cupboard seem tempting!

I think the links back are so useful - and it's a fab place to collect things like tutorials.

Myth Illogical said...

Nice pins Wendy! (sounds rather like I'm complimenting your legs...)
I don't mind the idea of people 'borrowing' my ideas to use as a springboard, or even having a go at replicating for their own satisfaction- so long as they don't try to pass it off entirely as their own....or do it better or make more money out of it than I do ;)

Wendy said...

Ah yes, that's where copying really hurts! Been there, it's not nice at all.

Polly Polkadot said...

I have a piccy of 10 Dowling St on my pinterest - my intention is to make a piece of jewellery inspired by it! Is that copying?
I often see something and it sets off another chain of thoughts.
I love it as a scrap book, but just like a scrap book I have far more ideas there, than I will ever get around to making.

Myth Illogical said...

If you're making something inspired and not an exact copy then technically it's research!

Wendy said...

Polly Polkadot: The 10 Downing St idea sounds cool - no, that's not copying (unless you intend building an actual house...!!). I know what you mean about a chain of ideas - ideas can drive me mad at times.

Mythillogical: I think it's good to be inspired by other people's work. It's just not good to copy something that someone makes a living from. Copying from a tutorial, pattern, etc., is different.

Love the discussion coming from this - I think there's still a lot to say on this subject!

Myth Illogical said...

I agree Wendy- it's flattering if someone is inspired by what you do, but if they literally copy and try to sell it on as their own idea then to me it's just stealing!
It's about people having respect for others' work, realising they may have taken quite a lot of time and effort into forming the idea, or even coming up with the method. Sharing ideas and spurring on each other's creativity is a lovely thing, but helping yourself to what other people have put blood, sweat and tears into and giving them no credit for it is really not.

Unknown said...

Wendy - I love interest and have to ration myself. I think it is a great showcase but I have made a conscious decision to share my work.

However in all honesty what I do is not original, I know that I could google any of my tutorials and find something similar which is why I choose to share. I come up with ideas in my little truckle bed, make it and write the tutorial... and then I go and look hoping that mine is better written than the others.

Often I see something and think I can make it better or different or with a better function... and sometimes I actually do!

Finally, lovely to see the new blog... I shall be following with interest :)

Unknown said...

Hi there, I am your latest follower! I also have the very worst pinterest habit xx

Wendy said...

Nice to meet you. Yup, it's certainly addictive. No known cure, either, to the best of my knowledge.

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