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Kindle cover tutorial

Travel Sewing Kit (from an old hardback diary)

 How to Paint Children's Name Canvases

Turn a jumper into a cardigan

 Make a folding ironing table

Make a Snuggle Bag

How to make a stay-wet palette

Hanging Heart from Felt, Fabric and Paper

Pincushion from Baby Shoes

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I own the copyright to these designs (except the Kindle cover, see post above for details).
You have permission to use my tutorials for:
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  • making and selling as part of a small, independent, home-based business
  • making and selling for charity
If you are making to sell, I would really appreciate you mentioning that you made the item from a pattern/tutorial on Handmade Harbour and that it was designed by Wendy Massey.  If you'd like to send me a photo of the item, I may publish on here - I love to see what people have done with my designs!

If you would like to mass produce these items, you would need to contact me first.  

If you'd like to reproduce my tutorial or patterns in any format, please contact me.

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