Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Let's Get Organised!

Do you sometimes need a kick up the backside?  Yup, you - with your feet up on the sofa, slippers on, sipping your coffee, browsing blogs when you should be working...

Heck, maybe you're even kidding yourself that reading blogs actually counts as working!

is that you with your feet up on the sofa?

Here's a secret for you.  Come closer so you can hear me whisper...

you're not alone!

The trouble is, working on your own at home, the only person who can kick you up the backside is yourself.  Hmm.  That's not always easy and you could quite easily put your back out trying!

Don't give up yet though.  I have another secret:

I recently made these little planners for myself, and thought I'd share them with you.

All you need to do is click this button...

...to download all three planners for yourself:  They're completely free to download and will come to you as one PDF document.

Just print them off onto A4 paper, and you can use them however you like*...
  •  laminate them and keep a dry wipe board pen handy
  • Use them with post-it notes
  • Print several off and write all over them
  • Keep them on a clipboard if you want to carry them round with you, or ...
  • Stick them up on your workroom or office wall! 
 I love using post-it notes.  
They're so forgiving if you have a bad day and have to move them forward!

I like the idea of having something visual on the wall - and I like very much that my post-its are a moveable feast.  I like that I can see at a glance if I'm expecting too much of myself (I do that a lot) and I can juggle my plans around easily.

I usually have an average of about five hours' worth of painting & packing a day to keep up with customer orders, so (in theory anyway!) on most days there's time to fit something else in.  This is where my little planners will come in sooo handy.

 I cut post-its in half for this one but you could just buy the post-it page markers

I hope you might find my little printable planners as useful for you as they are for me!

Let me know if you think I could make them better at all (or even add to them) but still keeping the A4 format for easy printing.

*these planners are for personal use only - they are not to be sold (or even given away).   If you want to blog, tweet, pin, facebook or generally rave about them to other people (ha! ok, maybe not!) do of course feel free - but please send people over here so they can collect their own copy if they want one.  

Thank you so much!


Helen Small said...

Hi Wendy, what a great idea!! For a moment there I thought you had a camera set up in my living room, watching me sitting on the sofa doing my cross stitch!!

These planners might be just what I need to plan my life - OK maybe it will take a bit more than a couple of laminated sheets of paper, but I can dream!!

Cory Cuthbertson said...

I actually exclaimed out loud a big "Awwwww!" when I saw the planners - so cute! And so useful! Downloading right now, this slipper-wearing tea-sipping feet-up girl definitly needs a kick lol! What a great idea.

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

totally excellent idea! So much more useful than a plain old list.

Wendy said...

Thanks for your comments. I think they work for me because of the visual element to seeing jobs on post-its!

Anonymous said...

Ok so you caught me, slippers on, drinking tea, eating biscuits, reading your blog!
I have so much to do, but here I am anyway lol.
As a crafter and a mum who home schools her youngest I most certainly need to get organised, thanks for these I am sure they will be a great help.

Lisa x

Kazies Magical Designs said...

great idea to do it on a monthly and a weekly chart I normally list mine in an a4 notebook started off well gone to pot again but reading this is just the kick i need to reorganise great post wendy look forward to reading the rest of the website xxx

Siân Pitchford said...

Great advise I use yearly wall planners as well especially when booking craft fairs, so easy to see in one go how busy I will be!!