Sunday 15 July 2012

Handmade Monday 75

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I am finally putting the finishing touches to the beach huts bag I made as part of Abakhan's £15 budget challenge and will be blogging about it on Tuesday.  I made some cushion covers with the leftover fabric (don't you love that about sewing? How leftovers from a project are so useful?).

They're just filled with old cushions at the moment - I was disappointed to find that the Dunelm Mill in Warrington seems to have stopped stocking cushion pads - in fact the whole sewing department has disappeared.

Never mind - I'm thrilled to discover that my sewing kit is definitely on the front cover of the August issue of Sewing World magazine (out on the 20th July)!  I knew this was quite likely, but now it's actually been printed (and there's even a sneaky-preview pic of it on that Sewing World link ... go on, humour me and have a look).  It's very exciting, as this is the first magazine project I've done in more than 15 years.  I've also been commissioned to design a few more projects for them, which is has led to much fabric browsing (oh, how I suffer...!). 

It's over to you now.  Enjoy your Handmade Monday!


Ginx Craft said...

Really love the row of beach huts on the cushion. Looking forward to seeing the bag.

ZukieStyle said...

the cushions are lovely Wendy gets you in the mood for summer!

Well done on been featured for your sewing kit. Not long now until it's out!x

Carolee Crafts said...

I love beach huts and looking good. Agree using up all the bits can be more fun and well done on your front page

Free Spirit Designs said...

ooooh that cushion is super duper gorgeous, i love the colours and the beach hut design is so cute and friendly looking :)

we are on the same track of thought re cushion pads this week as you'll discover on my blog today - mine have gone up in price and yours have gone all together... what's going on!

Your sewing kit looks so (pardon the pun :)) fantastic on the magazine cover - a wonderful achievement, well done! x

Planet Penny said...

Love those summery beach huts. Fantastic news about your Magazine feature, congratulations!

Christmas Pie Crafts said...

Well done having your sewing kit high profile in Sewing World - very exciting. Love the cushion. there is something special about seaside themed makes. Hope you have a good week.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the magazine cover! here's to many more in the future!

Myth Illogical said...

Congratulations on the front cover- looks good!

The beach hut cushion is lovely. I can't get cushion pads, or anything else from our Dunelm Mill- it burnt down and they're still re-building it!

fatmonica said...

I haven't got anything to blog today so can't link up yet!I'll be visiting everyone's blogs later though.Can't wait.

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

Congrats on the magazine feature - well deserved. Those beach huts are splendid.

Alison x

Jan said...

A great achievement on the magazine cover, I followed the link and it looks good :)
Oooohh beach huts, you know I've got a soft spot for them.

Jan x

PS... I love your cover photo, the Harbour scene looks great in fabric x

Chris said...

Fatmonica showed me this site and I just can not stop linking it.
So friendly!!!

Ali said...

Hi Wendy, had a peek at Sewing World and saw your sewing kit. It's looks great, congratulations. I love the cushions and can't wait to see the final bag. The new design at the top of your blog is lovely. Have a crafty week. Ali x

fatmonica said...

Congratulations on being in Sewing World-totally deserved!

Unknown said...

I am off to WH Smiths, to move it to a more prominent position and to buy a copy... Well done Wendy!