Friday 28 September 2012

Interview with Make & Craft Editor Katharine Jewitt

Today I'm interviewing Katharine Jewitt, a magazine editor who is about to launch a brand new craft magazine called Make and Craft- here she gives us a little bit of background to both the magazine and the person behind it!

Katharine Jewitt

Hi Katharine!  Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed.  Can you tell us how you came to be editing craft magazines – what’s your background?
I first started out in publishing when I was 18 and published a community magazine whilst studying at university to help towards paying my fees. It was delivered to 10,000 homes and businesses. Apart from my printer and distributor, I was a one-woman band producing all the content, designing, editing and selling advertising. I eventually sold the business after graduating, as I started working abroad.

Since then I’ve been writing, editing and publishing for a number of college and university courses. I write university degree courses in a number of subjects. I have seven postgraduate degrees so it allows me to have a varied portfolio of work in a range of subjects. I’m currently studying for PhD so more books and articles are in the pipeline to be published.

What are your favourite ways to relax and do you have time for crafts - if so, which ones?
In my spare time, I love travelling, gardening, playing the piano, keeping fish.  I go to classical music concerts as much as possible and also play golf but haven’t worked beyond a 9 hole pitch and putt.  I enjoy hiking and also supporting my football team Stoke City.

I’m always experimenting in a wide range of crafts. I love trying new techniques. My favourites are cross stitch and knitting. I always have knitting with me wherever I go.  I teach craft workshops in schools, businesses and prisons.

What do you love most about working in the craft publishing industry?
By far, it is the craft community who are the most amazing set of people you could ever wish to meet and keep me constantly inspired and make my working days so enjoyable. Every day I receive inspirational stories by email and see the most amazing creations and have interesting conversations with crafters. I’m always in awe of the inspiring projects that come my way. I love learning something new every day from the people I meet and enjoy the ever-growing network of crafters. I involve as much craft and people as possible in each issue of the magazine. I have lots of conversations during the day about how best we can support an artist, a crafter, a craft supplier, a new craft, the heritage of crafts that are worth cherishing. My work is very rewarding and it is a real pleasure to meet so many lovely crafters every day who are generous, sharing and extremely talented. 

And is there anything you don’t like about your job?  Or any bits that are difficult in any way?
I love my work and am very passionate about what I do and in supporting the craft community. The difficult bits would be not being able to do more for the craft community, but that’s what makes my job so interesting, because the craft community is never ending in its new ideas and creations.

What craft, if any, would you love to learn or develop further?
I’d love to learn how to do stone carving. On my travels, I enjoy exploring architecture and looking at gargoyles and the detailed carving on cathedrals and churches. My first degree was in history and I love exploring the history of places and its architecture.

What sort of things can we expect from Make and Craft magazine?
Make and Craft magazine and website is a hub for the craft community packed with inspiration, lots of projects in a wide variety of crafts. Make and Craft encourages crafters to expand their skills into a style of living and makes craft accessible to all. There are plenty of regular features including:
  • going behind the scenes with artists and reviving traditional crafts worth cherishing
  • Ambassador for Craft, Anthea Turner, will be sharing creative tricks and crafty tips in every issue
  • craft swaps
  • a book club
  • news
  • the best sites to visit
  • products put to the test
  • new tools and techniques
  • events
  • giveaways, competitions and lots more.
  • plus each issue of the magazine contains a Kids' Craft Club magazine.

Thanks so much for your time Katharine!  I can’t wait to see the first issue - it sounds really exciting!

You'll find out more about Make and Craft magazine here - as well as a forum where you can join in and chat, information on how to be featured as an Artist Behind the Scenes, join a craft swap, a blog with projects, links, inspiration and ideas - and more.  I'm expecting this to grow quite quickly, as I have experienced first-hand how supportive Katharine is of artists, designers and crafters in what she does.

digital subscription offer

Make and Craft launches on 12th October - don't miss it!  Subscriptions start at just £1 for a 3-month digital subscription but there are lots of other offers too (and you can pay with PayPal, which I rather like).

subscription gift with issue one

Follow Make and Craft on Twitter and Facebook too - they're both lively accounts you can really get involved with.


Katharine Make & Craft Editor said...

Hello Wendy, Thank you so much for the interview and wonderful write-up. It is fantastic to be involved in "Handmade Harbour and I always love visiting for interesting reads and seeing your welcoming and fab handmade banner.

Wendy said...

Hi Katharine. Thanks for popping in and your kind words! It was lovely to be able to interview you on here and I know people will be interested to read more about you. It's an exciting time for you and it's brilliant for me to be involved in a small way :-)

Lyn said...

I enjoyed reading about your background Katharine and very much look forward to the new magazine that has a lot to offer the world of crafting. Your enthusiasm and love of craft makes you the perfect editor.

Anonymous said...

Great interview Wendy! It's fabulous to hear how someone as inspiring as Katharine started out. 7 postgraduate degrees?!!!! Blimey! I nearly had a breakdown after completing my first last year.



Kerry said...

Thanks for the interview. Does this mean Katharine won't be working for Popular Crafts anymore?

Hannah said...

Thanks for a great interview! I agree with Claire, Katharine is wonderwoman! hee And very hardworking. I have really enjoyed reading more about her :)

French Knots said...

A great interview, I write some tutorials for Katharine's magazines so am delighted to find out more about her.
Though I did have to read the bit about all her degrees twice as I thought I read it wrongly the first time!!

Miss Bohemia said...

Such a great interview on Katharine - an amazing lady. I loved her work as the Editor of Popular Crafts and can't wait to see the first issue of Make & Craft Magazine.

Jan said...

A great interview, I'm off to check out your links :)

Jan x