Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tutorials - stamping and cardmaking

I've been wowed by some of the tutorials taking place on blogs this week - I had to share some of them with you!

Deanne shows you how to make sure your images line up in her straight stick trick, while Laura describes how to make a gorgeous card using cleverly upcycled card (from a cereal box - but you would never guess!).  They are both well worth a visit for the information they share.

And - oh my word! - there are three links, here, which show you how to make an animated gif from a digi stamp.  I love these, because they are so very different to everything else on my radar at the moment!

Art Politics Life has- very cleverly, I think - made three of my images into animated gifs.  My cat in a an arched window stamp comes to life here with PhotoShop.

cat in arched window digistamp - follow the link above to see this image animated!

And then, look at my birds dancing! How cute do they look?  And here you can make a gif with glitter and/or crumpled paper!  Brilliant!

Just in case you are tempted by any of these tutorials, you can buy all the stamps featured in Handmade Harbour's online shop - your digi stamps are instantly downloadable, so even if you want to do a little crafting at midnight, you can.


Lucy Blossom said...

They're great tutorials Wendy, I am definitely in love with how to stick straight!

Wendy said...

Me too Lucy! It's a great little trick, isn't it?