Tuesday 22 October 2013

A Winner!

A big thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for the craft book New Wings for Old Things.

The winner is Giddy Aunt Lola (aka Sharon) from A Saucy Stitch.  Her blog looks quite entertaining, so I'm going back later for a good read with a cup of tea.  I love how these things (giveaways, blogs, etc) connect people!

If you aren't a lucky winner, you can still get the book over at the Air Ambulance shopping page - it would of course make a really great Christmas gift (or you could buy a copy for yourself and make your own Christmas gifts using the fab ideas in the book!).


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Wendy - I am thrilled to win the New Wings for Old Things Book! And thank you too, for visiting my little old blog :) x


Wendy said...

You're so welcome Sharon. It is now packed and ready for winging (pun possibly unavoidable) its way to you via Royal Mail x