Friday, 11 October 2013

Meet the Design Team: Mary

Today I'm interviewing Mary, one of the Handmade Harbour design team members - come on in and join us while we chat and find out more about her papercrafting experiences!

Who are you? Whereabouts in the world are you based and what is it like there? 
Howdy! My name is Mary Driggs and I’m from Austin, Texas. For the most part we get to experience summer weather all year round which can be considered both good and bad - it means we don’t really have a need for winter clothes but the few weeks of the year we do get winter weather none of us (who grew up here) know how to drive. LOL.  Fortunately for me I married someone who grew up in the northern parts of the country so he does the majority of the driving.

Why did you start cardmaking?  What (or who) got you started?
I started making cards by way of doing my wedding invitations. You see my mother-in-law owned the local scrapbook store and so I had card making supplies literally at my fingertips.

What do you enjoy most about designing and making a card?
For me the best part about designing and making cards is the joy that it brings to others. You see right now I teach craft classes and make cards for the Relief Society at Church.

What do you love about digital stamps?
I love digital stamps because they are so flexible, as you are not limited by size, they are beautiful,  and they are easy to store.

How many cards do you make in an average week?
My card making varies but I tend to make anywhere from one card per day to twenty. It depends on when inspiration strikes me.

Where do you do your crafting?  Do you have a dedicated craft room or do you take over the kitchen table?
My crafting is done in my craft room. Although, I have been known to expand into the living room.

Do you ever sell the cards you make? If so, where?
Currently, I am paid to create birthday cards for my Church. Although, I did use to have an Etsy shop.

Do you do other forms of craft too?  If so, what?
Currently I don’t do any other forms of crafts. Although, I will occasionally create a scrapbook or 3D project.
As a teen I used to enjoy needle point and during college I did learn how to knit. Right now I’m incorporating those skills into my paper crafting.

Who are your favourite craft bloggers? 
Some of my favorite craft bloggers are Sandy Allnock, Kristina Werner, and Lydia Fiedler.

Finally, have you got a favourite Handmade Harbour image?
Currently, my favorite image is 034 digital stamp- hedgehogs on armchair. Although I think they’re all super cute.

Find out more about Mary on her blog Cr8ive ME

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