Sunday 29 June 2014

Handmade Monday 174

Welcome to Handmade Monday!

This week the latest Craftseller magazine arrived.  Inside are a couple of my cards, using Craftseller's free papers

and my music paper cones with heart shaped confetti - this is a quick make for their 30-minute make section

The vintage sheet music is a free download from The Graphics Fairy.

Quentin News

Guide Dog puppy Quentin is growing at an alarming rate - I realised how big he was when we went to puppy classes this week.  At five months, he is already bigger than a six-month-old pup (another labrador) who was there too.  And his paws were twice the size of the other puppy's.

Big paws and cute puppy dog eyes!

I mentioned a few weeks ago how he sat down at the start of any walk that started at our front door (as opposed to going out in the car).  I remedied that by adding in some exciting detours - the woods and a field where he can free run.  Now he doesn't sit down at the beginning of walks...but he does sit down now if we don't take the turning to the field or cross the road at the right place for the woods!!

Quentin's paw in my hand!

I'm now varying the routes as much as possible, so he realises there are different routes to the same place - but also that he realises I'm in charge and not him!  There are many more learning curves for him than I had imagined!  I'm told that pups who show initiative make better guide dogs than those who are more placid, so perhaps it's not such a bad sign, although I can't help imagining a blind person hoping to go to the corner shop for a pint of milk and Quentin taking him or her to the park for a run!

He is still jumping up when he's very excited but that is lessening and now he doesn't jump up every time there's a visitor or when he gets petted when he's out - which is a great improvement and a bit of a relief!

It's time for handing over to you for Handmade Monday now.  Enjoy meandering through the links!


Free Spirit Designs said...

Oooh those confetti cones are just gorgeous!

Aww, Quentin sounds like such a character :) Seeing as he's going to be a big dog that knows what he wants i'm glad he's getting such good training from you... i grew up with a wolf hound and anyone holding his lead had no choice but to go where he wanted to go! :) x

Unknown said...

The cones look lovely, simple and effective.

Patchwork Fairy said...

What a lovely simple idea the cones are but so effective. Quentin is more adorable every time you write about him - I want one!

JENNY said...

I knew the second I saw those cones that you had made them!!! They are so lovely! xx

Lucy Blossom said...

Quentin is a big boy! The cones are lovely - they'd be great for weddings.

Lilly's Mom said...

Congratulations on seeing your beautiful creation in print. Quentin is as cute as ever!

Anonymous said...

Do like the cones, and so enjoying the stories about your cute Black Lab. I use to have one, they are lovely dogs :D

Ginx Craft said...

I love that the music is a download, as it always upsets me a bit when real books or music are used for craft. Quentin is so lovely. My ideal dog.

Josie said...

Those cones are gorgeous and perfect for introducing youngsters to crafting! Quentin is getting more gorgeous by the minute x