Sunday 10 November 2013

Handmade Monday 142

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This weekend, I was surprised to see a massive jump in "sales" of my free pattern on Craftsy (the one for the sewing kit that appeared first on here then in Sewing world magazine).   It took me a while to work out the reason for the huge increase - then I discovered I'd got a mention on the Craftsy blog!  What was even more surprising was that my little pattern was trending as number 1 on the free sewing patterns page!  Wow!!  That was just amazing  (although it's entirely possible it's dropped from the number 1 spot by the time you read this).

It's made me realise that I need to get some more patterns out there!  It's one of the things I've really neglected recently.  There seems to be so many things I want to do and I need to get better at making time for them all.  Any ideas to help me organise my time would be welcomed - although I am pretty well-read on the subject and aware of the theory... it's the practical I struggle with!!  Maybe I'm just trying to fit too much in.

I am about to add something else into the mix which might make time management even harder - something that has absolutely nothing to do with handmade but might be a welcome diversion at times...

I'm getting a puppy - but not just any puppy.  I've volunteered with the Guide Dogs Association to be a puppy walker, which means a puppy will come and live with me, distract me from my work, piddle on my floor, chew anything I leave lying around and in return I'll take him or her for walks and socialisation practice - a very cute companion, I think!

guide dog puppy looking guilty
(image courtesy of Guide Dogs)

I'll keep the puppy for about a year (when they'll want it back for its next stage training!) but I will have the option to take on another little fluffy bundle when the first one moves on.

I'm really quite excited but managed to rein in my excitement a little when they asked could I start mid-December - there is a litter of puppies ready to be homed then.  The busiest time of the year for me is the run-up to Christmas, when I'm furiously painting, lettering, packing and posting for my gifts website.  I am hoping it won't be much afterwards though when "my" puppy arrives!

I've now got patterns and tutorials for dog chew toys and dog beds going around in my mind!!  Inspiration is everywhere but time is as short as ever!

There's more good news, in that I got a mention in Homecrafts Top 50 craft bloggers awards.  I recognise quite a few of the bloggers on there, but some are new to me - so I'm going to be trying to make time to look at the blogs of some of my fellow awardees (is that even a word?).

If you'd like to share what's been going on in your handmade world this week, you know what to do...


The Patchwork Fairy said...

Congratulations on getting in the top 50 Wendy! I have just looked at the list and now will have even more distractions! Good luck with the puppy! Lovely to have but yes will take up a good amount of your attention (so cute though!)

Unknown said...

Congratulations from me too! What a wonderful achievement. x

Jan said...

Wow... another congratulations from me for getting into the top 50 and your pattern 'sales'.
An even bigger congratulations on getting involved with the guide dogs association. It's such an important role and one I know you'll give 100%
(and they are so cute)
Jan x

Free Spirit Designs said...

How fantastic that so many people are downloading your sewing kit pattern! It must feel like a lovely achievement to have created something with such a broad appeal. I'm glad to hear your blogging talents are being recognised also, what a great week!

I too share your time management dilemma, i often wish my interests didn't pull me in so many directions but when i think about it i do love the variety so i'm working on learning to accept that i can only spend a limited time on each thing if i want to have a go at all of them!

Sooo exciting about the puppy!! I'm looking forward to your doggy themed makes! x

CatkinJane said...

Well done for your deserved mention in the top 50 craft bloggers :)

And my admiration for taking on puppy walking - I have a friend locally who does this and I do love meeting her latest residents!

Ali said...

Congratulations on making the top 50. I had a look at the list and thought "don't do it" I could spend all day reading crafty blogs. I'm sure fostering the dogs will be a wonderful experience and for such a great cause.
Ali x

Highland Monkey's said...

to fostering a puppy for such a worthwhile enterprise is amazing. I'm sure you will enjoy every minute even when puppy chews your shoes!

Unknown said...

Ahh, the little puppy looks adorable and I hope you will keep us uptodate with his progress. I do voluntary work for The Cinnamon Trust (animals and elderly) and sooo rewarding.

Congrats on your acheivements too.

Bath Bomb Creations & Grumpy Joe#s Pet Care

Unknown said...

Well done Wendy. I really enjoy your blog so fantastic that you have been recognised. Good luck with the puppy, definitely a cute distraction.

Lyn said...

Well done with the Craftsy pattern no.1!
Something's going to have to give - perhaps you don't need sleep after all ?!? A puppy is a constant source of happiness and fun but keep your craft stuff behind locked doors.

Anonymous said...

the puppy is so cute :D

itsamistry said...

That's fantastic Wendy :) You're going to have your hands full with the puppy - they are cute though aren't they and for such a good cause to. I look forward to hearing all about puppy adventures.

Cocoa & Heart said...

A new puppy - that's sound very exiting - hope it doesn't cause too much destruction to your sewing. Great to hear about your free pattern being to popular.