Tuesday 24 July 2012

Very Quick Update

I'm just popping in here very briefly today to let you know I'm in the middle of a minor computer disaster.

My hard drive has crashed and I'm having to work on an old, very slow and slightly wonky laptop.  It's not easy so I'm doing the bare minimum online and it's taking me twice as long even to do that.

I've no access to any of my files or images at the moment and I'm not 100% certain they're even safe, which is scary to say the least.

I've limited access to emails (I can read but not send) so I'm saving what can be saved for when I have full access.  If I need to get in touch, I'm using my hotmail account.

And I've not been to any Handmade Monday links yet - sorry.  I promise I will get round and read them as soon as I have a fully-functioning computer!


Jan said...

Oooopps it's awful when that happens, I hope you get it sorted asap. Good Luck x

Jan x

knitnrun said...

How stressful for you. Hope that it is not as bad as you fear. xx

Wendy said...

Thanks for the good wishes ladies x