Wednesday, 25 July 2012

... and Breathe ...

You know that moment when you realise just how stressful something has been?

When suddenly it's all right and you can - well, just breathe that big sigh of relief?

some things are irreplaceable

That's what happened today, when I got my computer's hard drive fixed.  Almost everything is intact, although a few emails and some things from my Outlook calendar went missing, probably never to be seen again.  I think all my photos and documents are there though. A lot of them weren't backed up (including some totally irreplaceable photos of my granddaughters) so I am actually quite lucky.

The computer has now got a brand new hard drive, and I've decided to invest in an online backup service: Just Cloud is backing up everything on my hard drive as I type (it's been a long job but actually painless, as it's doing it in the background).  It's also going to back everything up automatically every day, which I won't even need to think about - and (bonus!) I can access everything from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

Now I just need a nice foreign holiday so I can test it out...

Oh, and the ability to remember my password. 


Lynne said...

Phew indeed, Wendy! Yhank goodness - but it makes you wonder how soon we've let ourselves get very dpendent on our computers.

Interested in the Just Cloud facility you mention, I must check it out. I keep reading about people saying 'back up your blog' but though I've been through the motions - so to speak- it never really happens for me. I'm a bit of a technophobe, I know, but when you follow instructions and get no-wnere it leaves you frothing at the mouth. Glad to hear things are ok now, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ooh a timely reminder for me to do some backing up I think.
Glad you could save your bits and bobs. It's just awful when you lose precious photo's.

Wendy said...

Lynne, you're right we are so dependent on them. Not sure Just Cloud will work for a blog as it's about backing up your hard drive (everything that's saved actually on your computer) but it's so good for documents and photos.

Zoe, just do it! I was thinking about it the other week and didn't do it. This has scared me and *made* me do it! It took my son a lot of work to retrieve the data, I have no idea how much it would've cost if I'd had to pay someone.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to do it today, but WILL do it, at least the photo's tomorrow.
Couldn't bare to lose them and haven't done it for way over 6 months.

It's on my tomorrow to-do list!

Highland Monkey's said...

What a cute photo. I remember when mine used to clomp around in my heels. So glad that you didn't lose anything.

Wendy said...

Thanks - photos are something you just can't replace and you really want to hang onto the baby photos forever, don't you?