Sunday, 16 September 2012

Handmade Monday 84

Welcome to another Handmade Monday (click the link for more info).

I've not done much making at all this week (although I have collected a small stash of driftwood and shells with a vague plan of making something with them!).  Because mid-September is usually quiet for website sales, we took a few days off and did nothing much amid spectacular scenery in Anglesey.

benc with a view

We had booked a what looked like a stunning B&B in Dulas Bay, Anglesey (they have self-catering cottages too), overlooking the Dulas Bay estuary.  We weren't disappointed!

 sunrise from outside the B&B

 I took early morning walks along the estuary

sunrise over the estuary

to the deserted beach

 beach at Dulas Bay

Perfectly peaceful - a wonderful way to build up an appetite for breakfast!

The weather was changeable! From this

rainy and grey

to this

blue skies and sunshine

in about 20 mintes!

We read, sketched, walked, mooched around galleries and shops, relaxed and explored the island.  We enjoyed wide beaches


picturesque coves


equally picturesque harbours


and remote, wild, wind-battered lighthouses (including one for sale!).

 South Stack lighthouse

This is possibly the worst picture of South Stack lighthouse ever - the wind blew so much, I couldn't hold the camera still (and the lighthouse was closed to visitors because of the blustery wind on the access steps).  But, as you can see from the picture, we were allowed to wander near the edge of "dangerous cliffs"!  I didn't get too close as I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights!

I'd thoroughly recommend Dulas Bay for a relaxing holiday.  If you want superb cooked breakfasts (I think they may have been slightly wary of catering for my gluten-free/vegetarian diet but rose to the challenge admirably), breathtaking views, invigorating walks and easy access to the rest of Anglesey, then you'll enjoy this place.  The building we stayed in was purely for the B&B residents (just three bedrooms, but for two of our three nights there was just us) - Paul and Shirley live nearby, turning up to cook breakfast for us in the very spacious kitchen/dining room.

The self catering cottages even have hot tubs outside, overlooking the estuary, and all the buildings are refurbished to the same very high standard.  You get the feeling there was no expense spared: super-comfy beds, luxury towels, bedding and fittings. Gorgeous - modern, stylish, spotless and just... well, quite a special place.

We'll be going back for sure.  And no, I've not been paid to write this!

Meanwhile, it's back home and even though mid-September is relatively quiet I do now have a huge list of orders to work through, plus a couple more magazine commissions. 

Right now though it's Handmade Monday time - enjoy having a look around everyone's blogs.


Handbags by Helen said...

Love the way you've described your break. I almost imagined I was there!

threads 'n' shreds said...

Some great views and always good to have a break!

Carolee Crafts said...

A wonderful break away and pictures to match. Sometimes these type of breaks are far more restful than waiting in an airport for 3 hours let alone a flight, something to be said for UK holidays, or maybe that is a sign of getting older and been there, done that and got the t0shirt.

Free Spirit Designs said...

wow, sounds like a wonderful place to take a break, and a well deserved one considering how hard you work!

i'm glad you had such a fabulous time and thank you for sharing your beautiful pics! I'm sure the scenery has inspired your creativity now you're back :) x

Highland Monkey's said...

Looks like a lovely place to re-charge your batteries ready for the next step!

fatmonica said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time.Your photos are great!I missed the last two weeks of Handmade Monday so am glad to be back catching up.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely looking holiday. Thanks again for hosting Handmade Monday!

Handcrafted by Picto said...

Sounds like you had a great time, the last time I was at Anglesey was about 8 years ago but before that it was about 30 years ago. It's a lovely place and I used to go there for family holidays when I still lived at home with my parents.
So.... do you fancy living in a lighthouse?

Jan x

Fiddly Fingers said...

I love the look of Anglesey, I went as a child but can't remember any of it. Your photos look wonderful, perhaps we should go again one day.

Cocoa & Heart said...

Wales is always lovely and off season probably best ! Great for long walks and reading by the fire...

AliceAndFlorence said...

We stayed in a B&B on Anglesey in June, and have also camped there. It's a beautiful place, very easy to get around. I took the bus from Benlech up to Holyhead to look at an exhibition of silk paintings by Jayne Huskisson a couple of years ago.
The weather was quite changable for us too.

Martha said...

Oh Wendy, your photos made me long for some sandy beaches and sea even more! Such a serene and comforting view and my last week was so difficult.

Lyn said...

My kind of holiday - wonderful! Thank you for sharing those lovely piccies.

Anonymous said...

You have made me homesick for Anglesey. We lived there for 2 years and I miss those beautiful beaches and the Snowdonia Mountains!

Glad you squeezed in a lovely break Wendy, I'm sure you needed one with all the business of late.

Wendy said...

Jan - yes! There's something about the idea of living in a lighthouse that's exciting (although the reality may be somewhat different!). It was a bit out of our price range though!!

Martha - sorry to hear it's been a difficult week. Hope you get near some sea & sand soon x

Zoe - I'd love to live on Anglesey (and a Greek island is one of my fantasy homes too!). Sea, sand, pebbles, rivers and mountains.

Fiddly Fingers - yes, you'd enjoy it all over again. Chester would love it!!

Thanks everyone - yes, you always come back inspired from a break by the sea, don't you?

testing said...

How lovely that you got away, Anglesey looks gorgeous I must add it to my list of places to visit.

Laptop Lifestyle Living said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a lovely time. Do let us know if you do anything with the Driftwood - I've been completey obsessed with it since a week in Devon earlier this year and want to get some picture frames for pictures from my travelling years!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful place to have a break... I bet you have come home with your batteries totally recharged. I am really looking forward to see how it has inspired you. :)

Little Harriet said...

It looks beautiful.I will have to buy that lighthouse ( after Saturday when I have won the lottery!)

Wendy said...

Kirsty - I also have a mild (some would say severe) driftwood addiction. Unlikely to be using it before Christmas, but I have a few ideas for it!

Ros - oh, absolutely recharged!

Harriet - I might beat you to it and win the lottery before you!

Anonymous said...

Do you know, I have NEVER collected driftwood. I've obviously never been in the right place at the right time.

Wendy said...

*gasps* - seriously never collected driftwood? I've done it in the past with a teenager hissing at me "Mum! Stop it! People are watching..."

The best place is usually the tide line (where the seaweed gets deposited) and corners of bays, where it gets trapped.

Ali said...

Your break sounded wonderful and very peaceful. I'm very tempted to take a trip. Have a lovely week.
Ali x

Tickled Pink said...

Looks like you had a wonderful break, the photos are great. Funny how you went to Dulas as there is a tiny hamlet near here called Dulas too -I guess it's the Welsh influence as I am only a couple of miles from the border.

Stephen @ Soy of the North said...

Looks like you had a lovely time, even though the weather was being its typical changeable self.