Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Getting Found in Search Engines: Five Tips

 Apparently, around 78% of consumers use search engines when they're shopping online - which is why you need to score well in search engines if you're hoping to do well selling your crafts online.  Most of my customers at 1st Unique Gifts find me via a search engine (I ask the question as part of my PayPal checkout process - and most customers are happy to answer) and a high percentage of these find my blog before my website.  So, with that in mind, here we have...

a few quick tips for getting found in search engines:

Use keywords in your page titles, image titles and product descriptions.

Use an external website for customers to leave feedback.  Google uses feedback on independent websites when it's deciding where to place your website in its search results.  Direct your happy customers to your pages on Google Places, Free Index or Trust Pilot pages to leave a review (and if customers aren't happy, do everything in your power to make them happy - excellent customer service really can turn a bad experience into a good one).

Blog about your products, again using keywords in your titles, image titles, tags and main body.  Also include a link to the page where that item is for sale.  Your blog can be powerful - why do you think companies pay people to blog for them?  Do it right and it really works in attracting customers.  Blog posts don't have to be long and insightful - in fact, short is often better (especially when talking about products) as people's attention spans are usually shorter online.

Have a Twitter and Facebook account at the very least.  Google actually expects it and customers like it too.  Use them to let people know about new products and promotions, as well as asking opinions and getting people involved.   Note to self: Depsite having a FB account, I know I fall behind on this one - although customers "like" me on there and leave comments for me, if I used it more, I know there would be more feedback and interaction.  Get your Facebook finger out, girl!

OK, so this last tip isn't exactly about being found in search engines, but it might make a big difference when people do find you - be easily contactable in case customers have questions (email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, blog comments... these are all methods customers use to ask questions) because answering those questions quickly might make all the difference when it comes to a sale.

There you go - just five tiny little tips that could make a big difference to your sales if you use them! Good luck.  If you have any other top tips for getting found in search engines, let us all know about them by leaving a comment!


Natalie said...

Thanks for this very useful post! I've just started working the whole Facebook and Twitter thing a bit harder and it is starting to pay off. Def worth doing!


Wendy said...

Thanks Natalie - yes, it definitely makes a difference, doesn't it? Once Google adds all that activity and interaction up, it will help you even further too.

Handbags by Helen said...

Good article - and understandable, which is important for a technophobe like me. My blog seems to do quite wel when I google handmade handbags, but not my shop. Having read your article I think I understand how to make my blog work better for me.

Wendy said...

Helen, I think it's much easier to get your blog working well in search engines - and the key to sales can be as simple as getting them to click onto you shop link (so it needs to be in the text they're reading!). I'm glad this has helped! x

Magdalena said...

Thank you for the tips, very useful and maybe tiny little but make a great difference!;)

LeBastiano said...

Wow! Awesome article!

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