Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pyjamas Made Comfier!

I think pyjamas should be easy to wear at the end of a long and tiring day - don't you?  They shouldn't cut into your midriff, reminding you that you really should visit the gym more often.  There are enough of those kind of reminders in life without your pyjamas getting in on the act.

I bought a lovely pair of pyjamas recently - they were perfect apart from the harsh, tight elastic at the waist - so this was my quick and easy solution:

Cut off the offending elastic - casing and all.

Find a T-shirt with stretchy fabric. Not one with ordinary T-shirt material - this calls for the super stretchy stuff.  Cut the bottom off the T shirt and maybe fold it over if you like to make a double thickness welt.  At this stage you may also want to reduce the circumference of the welt with a seam.  Mine was small enough.

Work out the centre front, centre back and side points of the welt and pin them in place on the corresponding parts of the pyjama bottoms.  Stretch the T-shirt fabric to fit between those points as you sew.  Stitch to the pyjama waist with straight then zigzag stitch (or overlock).

You're done.  Slouchy time in front of the TV, anyone?

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