Thursday, 6 December 2012

101+ Things to do with Glitter

If you like a bit of glitter in your life, then this is definitely the book for you!

I was sent a copy of 101+ Things to do with Glitter (it's by Momtaz Begum-Hossain - click on her name to read Momtaz's blog) to review, and was a little worried before I saw it that maybe I wouldn't be able to identify with it.  I think I expected fairly predictable projects and too much gratuitous glitter - but I was wrong.

OK, so I think there is possibly a little bit of gratuitous glitter, but then that's surely forgiveable, given that the book's all about celebrating (and making!) everything glittery.   There's so much more in this book than I expected, though - it is chock-full of ideas. There is something within its pages for everyone and despite all the glitter (none of it loose or messy!) there's an eclectic mix of projects (using a wide variety of techniques) in four main sections:
  • fashion and accessories
  • homes and interiors
  • gifts and food
  • cards and papercraft
plus a good intro to all things glitter, craft supplies, inspiration and types of glitter (there's more than you'd imagine!)...and all the templates you'll need for the projects.

a good selection of templates

If you want projects and fun ideas, you won't go far wrong with this book; they're here in abundance.  If you want a variety of craft techniques, too, then this is definitely your book; it's really a book packed full of projects and ideas, with glitter being the theme that binds them.  If you want to try a range of different techniques with instructions and templates to help you complete (and even learn from) your project, this book is perfect for you.  It is easy to dip into, with numbered instructions and top tips and ideas jumping off the page.

Would you like a taster of the projects in its pages?  OK then, here we go:

A pin board made from an old egg tray

Sparkly shoe cookies

Mehndi-inspired gloves

Wizard of Oz shoes

OK, so I know where my review copy of the book is headed: I know a gorgeous pre-teen girl, very much into glitz, glamour and making her own stuff (I can see already see her in those Dorothy shoes!).  I think her mum may never forgive me for it as their house will be permanently filled with glitter from projects for a long time to come.  She will get over it though!  Inspiring the next generation to make (and have fun making!) is a big part of books like this.

With Christmas just around the corner, 101+ Things to do with Glitter would make a perfect gift for anyone into glitzy crafts and shiny things.  It's not about sophistication and subtlety, it's about fun and frivolity.  Maybe we all need a copy!  If you want to buy it, head over to now (or if you're in the US).

This book is from Vivays Publishing - pop over there to have a browse of their other titles.

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