Friday 21 February 2014

Where do Handmade Harbour digis end up?

One of the really cool things about designing digital stamps is that other creative people get their mitts on them and turn them into something much more exciting!

Today I want to share what one of my customers (and a Handmade Monday friend!) has done with some of my digis.  The images in this post are all Victoria's and they're all made using Handmade Harbour digis.

Thank you notes using flowers in plantpot digi

Victoria started her small craft business - Lucy Blossom Crafts - on 27th February last year – so is about to celebrate her first birthday! She made cards as a hobby for about 6 years, but when she left her job (as a Nursery school teacher) she decided to launch her own business, especially as a very fussy friend of the family saw her cards and said she could sell them.

hearts within a heart digi on thank you notes

Victoria likes cards with clean lines and tends to start with either a picture or an occasion (like Valentine’s) However, very often something else sparks her interest – and she says she's all for just going with the flow creatively speaking. Her daughter loves to join in with “Mummy’s work” and can often be found sitting at Mummy's work desk, in her chair, pretending to be Mummy (which usually involves waving a lot of paper around, making marks on card then putting them in envelopes – bless her).

another thank you note using toddler Emily with cat balloon digi

 Victoria started selling at fairs in July last year, and says she learnt a lot from them and from other stallholders too. One thing that became clear is that people don’t necessarily look for just cards, so for her Christmas fairs she added some simple notebooks and bookmarks. These proved very popular, and since thenVictoria has been very busy making pencil cases, notebooks and thank you notes/invites ready for her first fair of the year (beginning of March)

we're engaged party invite using young couple digital stamp
The digistamps Victoria chooses reflect her uncluttered style - she reports being very pleased with how they’ve turned out.  I love them too!

Victoria has recently started a ‘secret’ market research group on Facebook (what a brilliant idea!) of people she trusts to give honest feedback with ideas – she says the hardest part of having yourself as the boss is not being able to give yourself a different point of view.  She is looking to expand the number of people in there (currently 13) and may ask some fellow Handmade Monday peeps if they would like to be part of it.
Speaking of Handmade Monday, Victoria says that finding it has to have been the best thing she did last year (aside from starting the business) because she's learnt so much from reading others' blogs and the links they share!

party invitation using the little girl with bunting digi

Do look up Victoria online:

Have you made anything using Handmade Harbour digis that you'd like to share?  You can email images and information to me: and let me know if you'd be happy for me to share them on here and on the website (with credit of course).



Lucy Blossom said...

Thank you Wendy, I love using your digis :D

Jan said...

I love what Lucy has done with your images, it just goes to show how versatile they are :)

Jan x

Esther Franken said...

Go, Lucy !