Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hello Boy!

Quentin is a gorgeous black labrador puppy with a rather important future mapped out for him.  If all goes to plan then one day this little bundle of fur and oversized paws

will become a guide dog for a blind or partially-sighted person.

Until he's old enough to start his training (when he's around 12-14 months) he will live with me.  He'll be company for me while I'm working (I work from home), we'll go on walks together, we'll explore bus and train travel (as well as car) and we'll visit shops together - there's lots to explore.  And we'll try not to piddle on the living room floor (well, I say we, but it's really just Quentin who still has a little way to go on that one).

I'll also share pictures of him on here, if you don't mind too much.  I think he's far too cute not to!

If you are interested in being a puppy walker for Guide Dogs in the UK, click the link for more info.


Free Spirit Designs said...

Aww he's just toooooo cute :) What an exciting new venture, i'm sure it will be lots of fun for you both! x

fatfairyjewellery said...

OMG - am very jealous! Especially as the puppy training centre is not far from me here in Warwickshire. He is absolutely gorgeous and aren't they just so clever - I used to see guide dogs on the London Underground and think how on earth do they do 'it' all? What a lovely job to have and, yes please, lots of photos - after all it's just like having a new baby!
Ellen x

Lyn said...

You can tell by his eyes and demeanour just how lovable he is - enjoy.

Gail said...

Lucky you - such an adorable face , he will be an invaluable friend to a partially sighted person. You had better start stocking up on the tissues - lots of tears when he goes.

The Sparkly Fairy said...

He is gorgeous! We have a new puppy too is a handful!!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful!

Stephen said...

Awww he's so cute! Hope he's well behaved for you.