Saturday 22 March 2014

Mother's Day Digital Stamps

It's Mother's Day in a week's time here in the UK - it's also known as Mothering Sunday here.  I think there are quite a few digital stamps in the Handmade Harbour shop which would be great for Mother's Day, although I do think maybe I need to create a category especially for the occasion!

While I'm getting round to that, Mother's Day will have been and gone, so the best option for now would be to direct you to the digital stamps for women page, and just show a few ideas here...

This mommy and baby owl digital stamp makes a perfect mother's day card...don't you just love how with digis everyone can make the design their own.

card with family quote by Lynne

journal art by Frezja

 card by Laura

I also love the cat images for Mother's Day...

cat cards by Deanne

card by kel

Or maybe some cake humour!

card by Zoe

I think Mother's Day is one occasion when you can be sure your handmade card will be appreciated!  I know my mum always loves it when I've made her something rather than bought it.  And I'm the wrong side of fifty now (and she's 87 soon!) so it's not likely to change!

Hope you enjoy the run up to Mother's Day!


Lilly's Mom said...

These are the cutest designs. I love the Cat! I wish I was talented enough to make lovely cards.

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Mother's day in Australia is in May, so I have another month or so to get my card made :-)