Sunday 19 October 2014

Handmade Monday 190

Hello and welcome to Handmade Monday.

I still feel short of time, and the weeks are flying by so fast, but I feel a bit better about it this week.

One of the biggest guzzlers of my time is hand painting personalised gifts to order.  I do enjoy all the making, but it does kind of get in the way of doing other things and it's incredibly tying making pretty much everything to order (not to mention the packing and posting being so time consuming and slightly boring!)...

... so I've made a decision that in January I'll explore other avenues.  There's no way of doing it before January, because we are of course coming up to the busiest period of the year for gifts.  But just having made that decision makes me feel better!  It's going to have to be a very careful balancing act, because the painted gifts are my main source of income.

It's quite a short post from me this week - I'm off to visit Dad in his care home now.  He's only there for another week, and once he comes home we'll have to see how everyone manages.  The thing is, he's much safer in a more secure environment because he's most definitely a wanderer.

this tandem clock image was initially created for Dad
but this one was for a wedding present

The sad thing is, he's always trying to get somewhere that doesn't exist any more - not far away physically, but the place he want to be only exists somewhere in the 1930's - which unless we can conjure up a Tardis from somewhere, is never going to happen.  But wouldn't it be lovely if we could?

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Free Spirit Designs said...

Making things to order is very time consuming isn't it, i can imagine you feel quite overwhelmed at this time of year, i know all your lovely signs and clocks are very popular. January is a great time for making changes, i'm glad you're feeling better having decided to re-think things then.

Aww i feel for your Dad, time is a funny thing isn't it, we all know what its like to close our eyes and be transported to another time and place but it must be terribly frustrating for him trying to find those other worlds in this one! x

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

My blog this week is about a custom order. It's great to have them, but sometimes you just want to make what you like, don't you? I'm sure you'll find other avenues for your talent.

Best wishes to you, your family and your day. Hopefully the past he is seeking is one with happy memories you can all talk to him about.

Alison x

JENNY said...

What a week you have had. You sound like you are up to your eyeballs! So great you get so many commissions though, shows your on right track! Such a shame it takes up so much time for you, especially with your family commitments, big hugs to you and i hope things ease a little for you in the new year xx

Lucy Blossom said...

It must be so hard for your family not to be able to help your dad get to the place he wants too. Hopefully he'll not wander too far when he gets back home.

It's tough making big decisions about your business, I've made several since I started and always feel better once I've made one, but it just takes me quite a long time to do so. Have a good week

Ginx Craft said...

The pressure of making to order is not much fun. I hardly ever do it, but did this week make a specific pair of baby boots. I instantly felt under pressure. Had to get them done in time, and what if the customer didn't like them. Your plans for "other avenues" sound intriguing. Good luck with them.

Christmas Pie Crafts said...

I hope things with your dad are not too stressful - I know it will be difficult, but don't neglect yourself. I know it is a busy time for you, but breath, sit down and relax (even if only for the time it takes to drink a glass of wine). Hope you have a good week.