Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Furlough Furniture

Hello to anyone who still follows this blog, or has stumbled across it!  I hope you are keeping well in these strange times.

It's clearly a long time since I blogged (as someone who was brought up as a Roman Catholic, I almost want to say: Forgive me, Father, it is five years since my last confession blog).

In case you hadn't guessed, I am no longer self-employed and I rarely have time for handmade projects.  But times have changed, at least temporarily, and I'm now one of the millions in the UK who are furloughed.

This means I've been able to take advantage of what I can't help but see as a "gift of time".  It's recently been confirmed that my furlough is likely to extend until at least 31st July, meaning I have lots of time for more projects!

In the middle of a project
I'm currently in the middle of moving house (to a house we agreed the sale on in late October 2019!!!) and as well as sorting and packing stuff, I've taken this opportunity to upcycle some old furniture, that I was either already using or was stuck in my garage, awaiting just such an opportunity.  I am thoroughly enjoying myself!

I will be calling these projects my Furlough Furniture, and because some of my friends have been interested in what I am doing, I thought I would share on here too.

The first posts will be coming soon...


Nikki said...

Wow! Welcome back, even if briefly. I haven't blogged in years either.
I saw the email notification and it's a while since I had seen you.

Lynne Mizera said...

WOW! It was wonderful to see your name pop up in my mailbox today, has it been five years already!?! I still colour your images regularly, they are some of my favorites. Glad life is going well for you... over the past five years I have moved twice into a new province, beautiful British Columbia, and I am now focussing full time on my own art. I sold five pieces last year, and one this year but all this social distancing has put a real kink into my sales and my classes. Now if you can send out a blog post five years later, maybe I can get back to my own blog which I let slide after the last move. Blog some more please!

Wendy said...

Wow, hello Nikki and Lynne! Lovely to hear my images are still being used Lynne! Superb to hear also that you are focusing full time on your art and the house move sounds good. Social distancing has definitely been a pain for lots of reasons - my classes (I'm employed to do them) have been postponed for now too.
Yes, Lynne, please do get back to your blog too! I have some draft posts I'm working on, as I've had a lot of projects on the go!
Speak again soon, hopefully xx