Friday, 26 June 2020

My Little Cottage

Hello, and welcome!  Happy Friday to you!

We should have been moving to our new house today, but yesterday our seller's solicitor discovered one of their documents was out of date.  This means they need a new valuation, and it might take another couple of weeks.  It is a bit scary, too, as a new valuation might mean a new (increased!!) price (they had a help-to-buy mortgage, which means the government valuer sets a price and there is no room for negotiation).

In the meantime, I've created myself a new little home.

Welcome to my tiny cottage!

This was a very unassuming piece of wood, about to be thrown on a wood burning stove. I looked at it and saw a cottage so of course I felt duty-bound to rescue it.

Dave thought I was mad.  But once the white paint was on, I think it did start to look a bit more cottage-like! I'm not sure Dave agreed.

It's amazing the difference a little paint and sandpaper can make!

I went for a slightly naïve style, nothing measured, nothing planned.  It was extremely therapeutic to be creating a little cottage, when my real life house was so up in the air!  

The roof is the original bark of the tree, of course.  I kept getting tiny flakes of bark falling off onto the cottage walls, so I used good old PVA as a sealant.  I put it on fairly thick, making sure drips didn't form.  The weather here (north west England) yesterday was scorching, so it dried quite quickly.

I think the cottage should have a little painted sign with its name on.  I'm not sure what to go with as a name, but maybe Covid, Lockdown or Furlough should feature...if you have any ideas, please share with me in the comments!

It didn't take very long to complete this little cottage... such a shame the real house we are moving into has had so many delays and possibly qualifies for one of the most-delayed house moves ever!


Barbara said...

Beautiful little creation .... and this will be a reminder once you move to your lovely new home , hopefully very soon xx

Wendy said...

Thank you, yes it will! Fingers crossed it won't be too long xx

Cathy said...

Oh my I feel so sorry for you. We got caught in Lockdown between exchange and completion, and that was bad enough- now been in the new home for five weeks, and still unpacking. Good luck. Meantime love the log cottage.

Heron said...

Such a quaint and idyllic little cottage! I love the hand-made harbour too! The blue of the sea is so enticing right now!

Wendy said...

Thank you Cathy! Good to hear you have moved in! Wishing you happiness in your new home!

Wendy said...

Thanks Heron! I haven't seen the sea for a long while and am missing it!