Friday, 17 July 2020

Upcycled Sideboard

Hello there!

This is my recently upcycled sideboard. It started out its life with me as a freebie. It was dark brown, and had a top section, too, which I thought was overbearing and (being brutally honest) a little bit ugly. So I chopped it down and chucked some paint on the bottom half. It was in my living room for a good few years and served several purposes including a toy and craft cupboard for visiting grandchildren...

It was looking a bit battered, so I upcycled it again, this time painting the inside as well...

and adding blue on the drawers...

I think this will fit nicely into our new home... if we ever get to move in! This must be the most delayed house move ever! We agreed the sale in October 2019 🙄

Ironically, I've made it look a bit battered again with the sanding back, but I do love the slightly worn feel!

Hope I have some house moving news for you very soon!  Take care! 

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