Monday, 13 July 2020

My tiny beach hut

Hello!  Hope you are safe, happy and well.  We are still waiting for news on our house move.  The sellers have had a new valuation back, so we are hopefully now just waiting for paperwork to be updated to reflect this. In the meantime...

I love beach huts. This one is made from some air drying clay I found while clearing out the garage in readiness for our upcoming house move. It was in a sealed pack, several years old, and felt like it might be still usable!  It was!

I made this alongside two of my grandchildren while we were still in lockdown. Nine-year-old Emily ambitiously made a Vaporion (a Pokémon character!), seen below resting its head on a rolling pin for support!

Three-year-old Jack just appreciated playing with the clay!  We used my old art studio (a garage extension) to play in - their mum and dad are buying our house so all my stuff had been cleared out.  Both parents are key workers (mum is a nurse, dad is a heating engineer) and while both children qualified for a school place in lockdown, Jack's pre-school was closed.  We figured I could provide a little (mainly outdoor) childcare once Dad went back to work at the end of June.  I am furloughed until the end of July.

My little beach hut kept me occupied while the kids were busy with their own creations.

And once I had a bit of spare time to myself, I started to paint it...

The blue and white (with a little red) theme was an obvious one, given everything else I have been painting!  

I had been looking for a name for this, and decided not to go with the obvious Covid/lockdown/furlough theme, like I may do with the little cottage I made .

Dave suggested Irie...

… a Jamaican Patois word (meaning good) which we heard a lot on our holiday there two years ago.  

We loved it there, so this little hut might conjure up a few happy memories for us!  And our hotel room was a self-contained kind of hut (a bit bigger than this one!), so it all feels irie!!

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