Friday, 8 February 2013

I Made it as a Cover Girl (well, sort of...)

You may already know about Craft Makes, the digital magazine which accompanies Make & Craft magazine.  But look whose face they put on the front cover today...

Hmm. It's a very odd feeling seeing my picture up there!  My interview is featured on the pages inside (among lots of other stuff!) and it's only 20p to get your own copy (if you're in the US that's 37 cents). Wherever you are, it's not much to pay!

I have to add, for vanity's sake, that my image looks a little stretched sideways.  What is it they say about the camera always adding 10 lbs?  Like I need any extra weight!

Find out more about Craft Makes here.  It's a weekly digital magazine and the good things about digital copies are of course:

  • they don't clutter up your home
  • you can buy them wherever you are in the world
  • and there's no evidence of your magazine habit lying around
The magazine is out today, available to download from the Craft Makes website if you'd like a copy.  Enjoy!


Ali said...

Congratulations on making the front cover. Thanks for holding the week of giveaways and thank you so much for my prize (Abakhan vouchers) Can't wait for them to arrive. I'll certainly be checking out Craft Makes. It's a bargain at .20p.
Ali x

Katharine Craft Makes Editor said...

Thank you for sharing your story in Craft Makes, Wendy. We're thrilled to have you featured.

adaliza said...

Craft Makes today - Vogue tomorrow! How special is that? Well done (and thank you) - this is turning out to be a brilliant week!

L said...

Well done Wendy for featuring in a really good magazine!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good magazine will try it, especially as it's only 20p! I enjoyed the excitement of the giveaways even without winning so thanks Wendy.