Friday, 11 April 2014

An Easter Basket for Mummy and Daddy

What's not to love with this project?  It combines paper, glue, chocolate and a small child!

I was sent some packs of Cadbury's Egg and Spoon Easter eggs to craft with, and my granddaughter Emily, aged 3, was delighted to get sticky in the name of Easter presents for Mummy and Daddy!  

Emily worked hard with glue and paper, and concentrated for such a long time on gluing and sticking.  

In fact, once the baskets were complete, she couldn't stop herself and added more embellishments with the scraps that were hanging around ...

She chose some flowery paper from my stash for the handles and we found some co-ordinating paper that had feathers on - perfect for a pair of pink chickens, we thought!

I did the cutting, and Emily did pretty much all the gluing.  She also spent a long time peeling glue from her fingers.  She enjoyed that part almost as much as sticking the paper down, I think.

The chickens are made from bits of screwed-up newspaper held together with sellotape...

Emily then covered them to make her pretty pink chickens... I added the beaks and the hairdo!  She added their eyes herself when the (rather generous amounts of) glue had dried.

I think Mummy and Daddy will enjoy getting their chicken and eggs for Easter!  And Emily was so engrossed in her crafting that she didn't once ask for chocolate, despite it being there in front of her!!


Josie said...

What an adorable post, I love her little hands, they're still just babies at that age, but in my opinion so much more fun! What an angel not to even ask for some chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing x

Lynne Mizera said...

Wendy, what a delightful little post and what a lovely grand-daughter. You have. as I have only grandsons, your post just tugged at my heartstrings. I'm taking a wee break from packing, my studio is in boxes and even the computer is out of commission, so thank goodness for the IPad...grin...whatever did we do before all this amazing technology? Thanks for