Sunday, 20 April 2014

Handmade Monday 164

Happy Handmade Monday and Happy Easter!  I hope you're managing to enjoy your Easter weekend, whatever you're doing.

The May issue of Sewing World magazine really made me smile!  One of the themes in a lot of my sewing projects is organisation - not because I'm really well-organised, but because I would like to be!  So this title on my latest project for Sewing World kind of spoke to me - it's entitled Oh to be Organised!

The project is a dinky little notepad wallet, with zipped pockets and an integrated pen holder.  The notepad is A6 size, but the pattern could quite easily be adapted to suit any size really.  The main fabrics are from Wholeport -  they're leftovers from other projects (you really don't need much fabric for this project).

Quentin News...

Guide dog puppy Quentin went to his very first puppy training class this week!  It's a special class just for guide dog puppies and Quentin was the smallest puppy there this week.  He was too excited to take much in, but I was able to take home some tips for his continued learning.  I didn't manage to take any photos though - far too hectic!

He's starting to learn how to sit on my left hand side (rather than just in front of me) because that's going to be quite important when he's a working guide dog.  He's not quite so brilliant on the down command, which I suspect will take some time.  He's learning the wait command too, and sits and waits at meal times for his food (which I think shows considerable restraint at only 3 months!) and just today he's started responding to wait in other situations, too.

This made me laugh - he doesn't usually sleep with his head on the floor!  Most of the time, his bed is still quite adequate, as he likes to curl up.  But there are moments it seems he needs the next size up!  He's growing very quickly!

It's your turn now - how has your week been?


PoppyK said...

He's so adorable. How long do you have him for? How will you be able to part with him? x

Lilly's Mom said...

What a cute picture of your dog. Maybe he's growing so fast he doesn't realize he's small anymore! I wish you a Happy Easter, too.

Dawn Hart said...

They grow so fast at this age, every day is a new adventure.

Lucy Blossom said...

I love the idea of being more organised, I seem to spend half my time re-organising to get things right. Quentin is adorable.

Free Spirit Designs said...

Ooooh i love organisers, i keep meaning to make one, yours looks so cute! I could have done with one this last couple of weeks having just moved house, there's so much too think of!

Hehe i remember well the chaos of puppy training classes, they're great fun though aren't they. Little (or not so little...) Quentin looks like such a sweet boy :)

Handcrafted by Picto said...

I love making organisers, not that they make me more organised :) they make great gifts too.

Jan x

Unknown said...

I wish I was more organised. Every so often I sort everything out but it never seems to last :-(

Martha said...

congratulation on another lovely publication! you are such a successful crafter. i recalled i did see your photo in one of the crafty magazine as i was browsing thru the mags at whsmiths one day :)

love the puppy. hope he trains well and quickly. being a guide dog is such responsibility.

Ive been thinking about it for a while now: it came to my mind that it is perhaps worth setting up Hand-made Harbour facebook group (if there isnt any already!) where our well known and familiar crafters could join up and post stuff, photos, link or simply chat. most of us are on fb already and it would give us a chance to exchange instant massages and keep updated.
i could set up a group and admin in it if it would be too much commitments and duty for you as i do realize you are very busy. just an idea really. let me know plz how you like the idea.

Martha said...

too big commitment*