Sunday 10 August 2014

Handmade Monday 180

Hello!  Welcome to Handmade Monday.

I'm acutely aware that apart from making images for potential art licensing (oh! and making for my handmade gifts business, nearly forgot that!) I've not done much on the handmade front recently.  So the images in this post are some of my images available for licensing.

Hopefully I'll get a bit more time soon!

My sister and I have been trying to sort out Mum and Dad's old flat.  They moved into a retirement village a few months ago and their old flat was full to the rafters with a mix of collected junk, assorted memories, a lifetime of personal belongings and a huge surplus of everyday stuff (some of which should have been thrown away a long while ago - I mean, who needs three broken kettles?  And we haven't even started on the kitchen yet!).

It's a massive job, but we made massive progress this week when we realised we had completely cleared two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a glory hole of a utility cupboard (the cupboard is now full of stuff for eBay or car booting). Despite it being a flat, there's also a huge attic space, full to the brim with more...well, stuff.  And a garage, which is also home to more stuff (less so, as the hoarder in the partnership is Mum, not Dad, and the garage was his domain).

The progress on the flat comes at the expense of other things - and not just crafting.  Guide Dog puppy Quentin hasn't visited any big shops this week (he's been in the local corner shop twice but there's not very much to see) and I feel a little guilty.  Sometimes his second walk of the day has been so late the sun has been setting - although I can console myself with views like this while out walking late...

and the fact Quentin gets to see a different perspective when car headlights and street lamps are switched on, which is good for him.

I also worked out why we keep missing buses!  For most of the day, there's only one bus an hour, which should leave at 25 past every hour.  It actually leaves at 20 past - which I discovered when I watched the bus pull away while I was bagging up Quentin's call of nature opposite the bus stop!

On that note, I think it's probably time I handed over this week's Handmade Monday baton to you...


Free Spirit Designs said...

Its so hard to fit everything in isn't it, i think you're doing a fantastic job though, running your handmade business and now the digital side too as well as keeping up personal commitments like clearing your parent's place and walking Quentin... are you sure there's only one of you?!! :)

Ali said...

I hope you manage to sort all your Mum and Dad's items. I had to laugh at the three kettles. I have a friend who keeps a spare one, just in case of emergencies. Glad you sorted out the bus problem and Quentins still enjoying his walks. Have a lovely week.
Ali xx

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow, three broken kettles! Hope everything gets sorted out and back to normal(ish) soon.

Auntie Shan said...

Actually, I'm in the midst of "BIG SORT" myself! -- Have only under a fortnight to clear up a few basement rooms so that we can get a new Oil Tank put in. AND, would BE a lot simpler IF the ELDERLY PARENTS were ELSEwhere! Or, had an EXTRA room [most of it is CRAFT STUFF and YARN] or CLONES or a *MASSIVE* Lottery WIN!
BTW, have I mentioned that I had NO "Life"..?

Ginx Craft said...

Your comments of clearing your Mum and Dad's things reminded me very much of helping my Mum when she moved. The loft seemed to contain the packaging from every eletrical item that they had ever owned. After a huge amount of work we ended the day with my daughter having an asthma attack from all the dust we had stirred up.

Ellena said...

Hi thankks for posting this