Sunday 14 September 2014

Handmade Monday 185

Welcome to Handmade Monday (click the link for more information including how to join in).

This week has been a whirlwind of catching up with orders for hand painted gifts that came in while I was away.  I've had no spare time at all to do any art licensing work, but I'm hoping to remedy that this week.

this plaque's a new design for a customer 
and getting this on the website is on my to-do list

I'm also behind with plans for the Handmade Harbour shop and challenges.  I'll try to get round to that this week too, and maybe re-plan how I want the challenges to run.  At the moment once a week, as it has been in the past, is a bit too ambitious - I'm thinking of maybe running them monthly, which hopefully should be more manageable.

Quentin News
We've been back to the vet this week with Guide Dog puppy Quentin - this time with an injury.  Somehow the metal part of his lead got caught on his upper eyelid while we were out walking.  I've no idea how it happened but I could tell it was painful from all the the yelping.

He was checked out for injury to his actual eye, which is OK, and damage to his eyelid wasn't too bad.  He was prescribed eye drops to help prevent infection, but getting them in has been a matter of pot luck - as soon as he sees (or smells) the drops, he starts jumping about like a mad thing!

He's back to see the vet next week to have his "bits" chopped off - I can't help feeling sorry for him!  I'm told it sometimes calms their behaviour and sometimes makes no difference whatsoever.  I'm guessing it will be the latter in Quentin's case but a bit of calming would be great!

The other thing that it might help with is reducing scent marking.  Guide Dogs are supposed to have "clean" walks, which I'm told is one of the hardest things to get them to do before they go in for formal training.  We aren't anywhere near clean walks yet, although he seems to be beginning to realise some places are more acceptable than others.

I'm going to hand over to you now for Handmade Monday...


Free Spirit Designs said...

Aww i love the plaque, i can see it being another popular design!

Poor Quentin, i hope his eye feels much better soon and that his little op doesn't trouble him too much. 'Clean' walks sound very ambitious as its contradicts their natural instincts doesn't it, mine does so many little wees out walking i sometimes wonder where it all comes from! x

Unknown said...

Aww poor Quentin with all his trips to the vets! I hope his eye recovers and his operation next week goes well, I can't say I envy him! Fingers crossed for him learning 'clean walks' too! Happy Handmade Monday :)

Lucy Blossom said...

It's great to have lots of work to do, even if it is tricky to find enough time. Poor Quentin, I hope he feels better soon.

itsamistry said...

Hello it's been a long time since I connected here. Hope everyone is well. Looks like the puppy is doing well though I don't envy his trip to the vets. Good to hear that you are busy.

Christmas Pie Crafts said...

Sounds like really hectic times - but great fun too. How lovely the words are on the plaque you have mnade. Good luck Quentin. Hope you have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I am looking forward to putting my feet up later with a cup of tea and browsing these lovely projects!