Sunday 9 November 2014

Handmade Monday 193

Hello and welcome to Handmade Monday.

I didn't get to try out the "portable design studio" (thank you Carie for that terminology!) as I had planned to.  In case you weren't around here last week, I'm referring to the scanning of dozens of hand drawn elements to make my digital art more mobile.

Mum and Dad both made it to the reminiscence group on Monday - Dad was having a good day - although Mum said everything went over Dad's head.  And Tuesday's scrabble group turned out to be just a bit too early for Mum.  She never was an early riser, and she sure isn't going to change at the age of 87.  Maybe it will just be an occasional visit on days when the mornings don't feel as much of a challenge to her.

I've realised I've let my parents' needs dominate my time quite heavily - it's difficult not to.  But I'm trying to work out ways of shoehorning in more design time and making the process more mobile has got to be a good start!

Quentin's not been the slightest bit concerned about fireworks this week.  When we were out walking and a quite loud and colourful rocket attracted his attention, he just looked interested rather than worried.  It's a good sign that nothing is scaring him - guide dogs need to be confident in all situations.

Recently he's been sleeping with his feet under furniture quite a lot (as above) then yelping because he can't get them out quick enough when he jumps up.  He's growing rapidly and I guess he has to learn about how his body works in a new size!

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Free Spirit Designs said...

Gorgeous designs as always, i just love your little robin!

It can be really tough to balance the needs of loved ones with your own need to have time to be creative can't it. I'm glad you're making sure your own needs don't get completely sidelined though, your gorgeous artwork need to be shared with the world! :)

Good to hear that Q wasn't worried about the fireworks, my doggy is v scared and we've had them every night for a week in these parts :/

Lilly's Mom said...

It's so nice that you are there for your parents. I love the design with the little robin and lights. How cute! Quentin is growing up so fast. Have a great week :)

Fiddly Fingers said...

Good to hear your mum and dad are getting out and about even if it is in their own way and time :) Poor Quentin getting stuck under the furniture :(

Lucy Blossom said...

I love this week's designs, and its great to hear that Quentin isn't disturbed by fireworks - perfect for his future job.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Aww I love the robin he's so cute!