Sunday 4 March 2012

Welcome to Handmade Harbour!

Hello and welcome to Handmade Harbour.

You may have noticed this is a brand new blog!  Let me tell you a little bit about what I'm hoping it's going to grow up into.  I'm hoping to be able to share this sort of stuff with you on here:
  • information about marketing and selling handmade crafts
  • information about blogs, social networking, online communities, etc
  • printable designs for cardmakers (instant downlaods, affordable or free)
  • ebooks for designer/makers (downloadable on various systems - again, affordable or free)
  • interviews with designer/makers and shop spotlights (watch out for an invite!)
  • book reviews
  • tutorials (maybe...)
I'm open to suggestions, but be aware that it might grow slowly to begin with.  I'm still running my own business 1st Unique Gifts which is definitely a full time job - and there are times it's a lot more than full time and takes over my life...

However, I'm very excited and can't wait to get the show on the road!


Highland Monkey's said...

I sincerely wish you every good luck in your new venture.

Wendy said...

Aww, thank you! And well done on finding this blog so soon as I've not publicised it anywhere yet. You are definitely the first one to the party - let me pour you a drink while we wait for the others to arrive!

Ali said...

Amazing - I struggle to keep up with one blog and you have two! Wishing you loads of luck but I know you don't need it - I can't see it being anything but a great success.

I will be following with interest!

Ali x

Wendy said...

Thank you Ali both for your kind words and your faith in me. I shall try my very best to live up to your expectations! x

Penny said...

Fantastic idea, I shall follow with interest and participate as much as possible. And if anyone lets you in on the secret of fitting everything into the day, do let me know!
Good Luck x

Wendy said...

Haha, this is where you'll read the secret of elastic days first!

Christmas Pie Crafts said...

Good luck Wendy. It's a great idea, and a sure-fire success. Ditto Penny's request - after all, a good thing about blogging is being able to share.