Tuesday, 20 November 2012


If you want to spread the word about your handmade business, you have quite a few options.  Some take a lot of time, some take a lot of money...

and some are pretty simple and straightforward.

Being interviewed on blogs is a pretty good way to increase your visibility... it doesn't take up much time, you can do it from your own living room with your feet up, it's free and you don't really need any special knowledge.  An interview will send people your way from the host blog, and in return you may be able to send some of your blog readers/Twitter followers/Facebook likers (strike through as appropriate) back to the host blog - a classic win-win situation if ever I saw one.

You don't need to wait to be asked.  Look out for blogs which feature interviews and you'll almost certainly find a contact point on there as well as a bit of info about what they are looking for.  So, email them!

Right now, there's an interview of mine over on the Crafty Pod blog - go on, pop over and have a look (see what I did there?  It's only fair I send you over there for a look!).  It's an interview with a difference - an image-only interview (although when you scroll over each image you will find a few words too).  It's quite a clever format - we all love images, and they often tell a story, don't they?  And the questions really made me think!

You may even want to join in yourself!

is there any tea in the pot?

Or, if you feel like it, you could email me and we could have a virtual tea and a chat - or I could do a shop focus interview with you.  You'll reach me at wendy@1stuniquegifts.co.uk.  I am really busy right now with Christmas orders, so do forgive me if my replies aren't instant, won't you?


Lyn said...

Your interview is very interesting and the photos are lovely - I've not seen an image only interview before!

And I'm not surprised that the sofa clock is your favourite - it is fantastic.

Unknown said...

Once we finish the web I can concertrate more on the blog and being featured is a great way to receive traffic. Before everything got busy we contacted one lady and she featured us in exchange for adding her badge. Will pop over to look at yours now!