Sunday 16 December 2012

Handmade Monday 97

Welcome to the last Handmade Monday before Christmas.  In fact, the last one of this year!  We'll be back on Sunday 6th January at 6pm.  I will be back here blogging before then, though!

It's not long till Christmas, and I hope most people out there are much more organised than I am.  I have given up trying to plan Christmas early - sometime after the last posting dates for first class mail* (20th this year) is early enough for me!  However, with four adult children (+ partners) and four grandchildren and with two of my children born in December (one on Christmas Day itself, poor child, and one today - happy birthday to my one and only son!) it is no mean feat.  Phew!  I'm exhausted just writing it all down!

Still, it happens every year without fail and I really should be used to it by now!

Craftseller issue 19 January

In other news, the latest issue of Craftseller magazine arrived this week - and I think my iPhone 5 cover looks pretty good (if I do say so myself).  I love the zingy mix of colours and patterns in this one ( I just adore the Summersville fabrics range for its freshness and uncomplicated style).

iPhone 5 cover

It's a handy phone pouch pattern, because it incorporates a wrist loop, a keyring, a clip for attaching to a belt or bag and a pocket for travel tickets and/or a credit card.  I've used buttons as fasteners, because part of my brief was to incorporate Craftseller's free buttons (they're a cover gift) but it could be made without buttons - Velcro would be quick and easy.

My lampshade project is in this issue too.  I'm less fond of this one, simply because the colour is just not my cup of tea.  But it proved to me how simple lampshade making actually is.  I'll definitely be having another go at this.  It's such a quick and easy way to liven up a space or add a cosy feel to a neglected corner.  One of the things I love about making is that even if you're not fond of what you make, you've learned something from doing it.

woodland lampshade

I did worry about the fire safety aspect of this project (paper and heat are not always a good mix - and my brief was using their free papers) but the fire safety advice is pretty prominent in the magazine.  I used a special lampshade backing from Needcraft which helps with making the lampshade safer.  Also,  today's light bulbs are cooler in use, making them safer.

fire safety advice

Right, for me it's back to the painting right now.  There's a lot to get through, and it's got to be done by Thursday at the latest for posting out.

I'll be in the studio if anyone wants to pop through with a cup of hot mint tea for me...

*if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know why the last posting date is significant enough to dictate my life - if you're new here: it's because I make personalised gifts to order and they all need posting out.  It doesn't take much imagination to appreciate that the run-up to Christmas is by far my busiest time of year for website sales.


Pickle Lily said...

May I be the first to say a BIG thank-you for hosting Handmade Monday this year and to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Jo x

Planet Penny said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Wendy. Your makes look fantastic, even the lampshade although I agree the colours aren't my favourite either. However it's just as well we don't all like the same thing!
Thank you for hosting Handmade Monday once again, see you next year!


Carolee Crafts said...

Well done on all your publications this year and hope you do get Christmas sorted before the 'Big Day'

Have a very Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year

lizwardcrochet said...

Not got this months Craftseller yet but I recognize that owl doorstop on the cover :)

Free Spirit Designs said...

I saw your fabulous makes in Craftseller this week Wendy! I do love the phone cover but i have to say my favourite is the lampshade! I just love the woodland theme and like you, am itching to come up with a collection of shades soon :)

Good luck with your last minute orders, i have a few of my own so have some idea of the stress levels although i don't have all those birthdays to deal with!! You'll need some time off in the new year to recover :)

I can't wait to link up agin to HM on the 6th Jan but until then, happy crafting, and Merry Christmas!! xxx

A Wooly Tale said...

Congratulations for being featured in Craftseller, not once but twice! I just love that iphone cover - it's my favourite colour combination!

Thank you for hosting handmade Monday and have a very merry Christmas Wendy!


Wendy said...

Hi Liz - I've just looked it up and realised it's your owl. He is gorgeous!! x

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

I love the lampshade! Hope you get all your orders ready and out for Thursday and then you can have a well earned, seasonal rest. Many thanks for all your hard work running the Handmade Mondays which I've only discovered this year, but really enjoy. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours,
Alison x

Unknown said...

I love the colours on the phone cover and I really like the lampshade too!

I'd like to say thanks for hosting Handmade Monday - looking forward to more in the New Year.

Best wishes for Christmas x.

Jan said...

Just got you comment, I was just leaving a comment on 1st Unique Gifts when it came through.
Go and get yourself a cuppa :) and put it down to the pressure of all these birthdays as well as Christmas. :)

Jan x

Jan said...

.... thanks for the message on my blog.... the bead detail would look really nice on your beach plaques :) I often use them on my plaques for the men rather than the bows
Jan x

CraftLee said...

Hi Wendy & everyone !!! Love love loving the iPhone cover ! And that you so so much for hosting handmade Mondays ... I'm sewing like a demented bunny to get ready for Christmas orders this week but I do intend to sit down over the holidays and visit all your fab blogs ( as a little crafty treat to myself ! ) Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all have a happy and loving New Year in 2013 x

Siubhán x

J said...

Hope you have a lovely Christmas, it sounds like you deserve a lovely break over the festive season!

Jenny said...

Oops, pressed return a little quickly there!

fatmonica said...

How fabulous does your iPhone cover and lampshade look in print-congratulations!I would also like to say thanks for Handmade Monday-since I found it it's been the highlight of my blogging week-even if I don't get round to joining every week!

Unknown said...

Does anyone have a December edition of Craftseller I could buy? My 3 month test subscripton went a bit pear shape and I'm to start January..
Please email
Thanks you!

Christmas Pie Crafts said...
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Christmas Pie Crafts said...
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