Friday 14 December 2012

Tidying and Tetra-Paks

Sharing my home with a man who would be an Olympic gold medallist in cleaning and tidying, if only it were a sport, has its distinct advantages. I know there are people who would queue up to pay if I rented him out (I don't).  I'm sure there aren't many men who get the ironing done before breakfast on Sunday.

I know you're starting to get jealous now.

I only usually iron when sewing

However, there are disadvantages. I can never find things if I leave them lying around. Paperwork, buttons, pens, half-empty coffee cups ... you know the kind of thing.  I've taken to hiding them in a cupboard (no, not the half-empty coffee cups). I've had to train him not to take away kitchen tools when I'm in the middle of cooking.

Then we had this discussion about tetra-paks, because I'm going to be using them in an upcoming project for Craftseller magazine.  I'm going to need around 8 or 12, I think: the project will probably take three or four of them, but I want to play around with the design first, so I'll need a few spares.

And yesterday, I carefully washed my first one out, left it in the kitchen to dry and - rather predictably, I suppose - it disappeared off the face of the earth.  I suppose if I wasn't Mrs Messy* in the first place, he might have realised the carton wasn't rubbish.

I guess we need to have the tetra-pak discussion again.  Maybe I just need more space to store my rubbish  er, raw materials for design purposes?

* I guess it's unfortunate that my real last name is Massey, which is a little too close to Messy for comfort.  My Mr Tidy was amused that the mechanic who recently worked on my car gave me an invoice addressed to Mrs Messy.  He thought perhaps he might know me very well indeed.


Cheryl said...

Oh same here. My husband declutters which is a problem for a squirrel like me who looks at what most people would put in the recycle bin, as just another craft opportunity. I hide things in cupboards and forget where I've put them, until one day when I open the door they cascade down on me. Not so bad when it's empty toilet rolls. You have my sympathy!

Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

I have the same 'problem' when I'm cooking! But on the bright side he does the washing, ironing, cleaning and he makes beautiful cakes, so I think I can put up with some excess utensil washing :-)

Lyn said...

Where did I go wrong when I chose mine then?
Oh you lucky lot!

Highland Monkey's said...

DH wouldn't dream of cleaning up my 'mess'! He can just clean his own lol I like the little cover, gorgeous material and cute buttons.