Thursday, 29 August 2013

Do You Sell Your Handmade Cards?

If you sell your handmade cards, you may be interested in a new directory being put together over at Kate Harper's Greeting Card Designer blog.

There are some restrictions: in particular, your cards have to be handmade in some way (not just printed).  But it sounds like a fabulous way to get a little extra free publicity!

If you've not come across Kate's blog before, you may want to set aside an afternoon (or several).  There's lots to read and learn!

card designed by Valerie
using the birthday gifts stack digital stamp from Handmade Harbour


Natalie said...

Sounds interesting! I make cards but haven't been making them to sell for a while. I'm hoping to get back to it this Autumn as the kids go back to school so will definitely bookmark Kate's blog. Thanks for sharing :-)

Natalie x

Unknown said...

I knew your blog would become a favourite quickly! Thanks for sharing this!

Dawn said...

Oooo this sounds very interesting,

sorry I've not linked to Handmade Monday the last couple of weeks.
Hope to be back next week x

say it said...

Oooh, very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to have a look at Kate's blog now.